Account Managers

Do you have great customer service skills?  We want you to grow our business by connecting more advertisers to more publishers more often!

Want to have the freedom to work when you want, how you want?

There’s a lot of “work from home” and “business opportunities” out there that promise to make your wildest financial dreams come true and don’t deliver.  We aren’t one of these companies, we offer a real job, where you get paid for the work you do.

The founder of The Traffic Source went from broke and on unemployment, to the CEO of one of the most successful traffic companies online.  He wants you to work for us and will teach you everything he knows on the job.

You simply connect advertisers to publishers, and publishers to advertisers, they spend money and earn money, you take a commission of every transaction involving one of your clients.  If they’re spending, or earning in our system, and you manage them, you earn, every… single… time.

No gimmicks, no “magic formula”, no “secret gurus”, just honest pay for honest work.

Getting Good Clients is hard work!  The Good News Is… We make it simple.

Qualified Advertisers

We don’t just let anyone advertise with us, we verify all advertisers personally.  You can screen your own advertisers as they come in as well!

Qualified Publishers

All publishers are personally screened and their quality and reliability assured.  You can screen your own publishers as they come in as well!

Reliable Statistics

We ensure you are paid for everything that goes on between your advertisers and your publishers.

Proven Results

Our business model connects more advertisers and publishers than you could possibly manage on your own!

Screen your Advertisers and Publishers

Make sure you’re happy with the advertisers and publishers who you recruit.  Screen the applications yourself.

Get Paid On Time

You get paid 10% of the profit on every spend, and every earn that you’ve been a part of.  Earn up to 20% of the profit on any deal.

Full Visibility

Keep on top of exactly what is happening with your Advertisers and your Publishers, have full visibility.

Service and Support

Chat to your management for help whenever you need it.  We make sure you’re on top of your clients at all times.

Ready to Get Started?

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